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Travis Kukull

Your guide to catering in beautiful Haines, Alaska

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Specialty House-Made Bacon

Ingredients: pork belly, salt, brown sugar, black curry powder, hickory smoke 

Applications: slice it and bake the bacon to eat with your breakfast or cut it into cubes and bake into crispy lardons to eat with roasted vegetables or salads 

Duck Confit 

Ingredients: duck leg, salt, Chef Travis' house-made Malawi curry powder, duck fat 

Applications: roast your duck confit with duck fat skin side down in a cast iron pan until the skin is crispy. Use the jus to make a pan sauce adding something sweet like birch syrup and cherries. The duck is great on salads, with vegetables like cabbage, or on a sandwich. 

Chicken Liver Mousse

Ingredients: chicken livers, butter, onions, shallots, bacon, booze, coffee, Chef Travis' house-made Malawi curry powder, eggs, salt, pink salt 

Applications: this is a spreadable pate that should be eaten with pickles, mustard and crackers. A great addition to any charcuterie board. 

Smoked Andouille sausage

Ingredients: pork, spice blend, red wine, chilies, garlic, onion, hickory smoke

Applications: great for a BBQ! Served on a bun or cut up for a paella. Eat it with mustard and onions or sauerkraut. 

Red Cabbage Kraut

Ingredients: red cabbage, salt, chilies, caraway seeds

Applications: this is a great addition to any meat or fish dish. Also a wonderful topping on a rice bowl

Caramelized Onions with pepper and smoked pineapple 

Ingredients: onions, pasilla peppers, pineapple, salt

Applications: eat on an andouille sausage or with anything rich and salty 



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